Learning Support Blend

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Learning Support Blend  

Contains essential oils that support Focus, Concentration, and Retention. For use with students ages 5 to 100+..This product is available either as a diffuser blend or as a spray.

Ingredients: Essential Oils of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Vetiver. Spray blend includes water carrier.  DO NOT USE THIS BLEND AROUND CATS!! Make sure your cats are in a different room while you are diffusing, and not in close proximity if you are using the spray.

DIffuser Blend: 1/3 oz./10 ml undiluted essential oils

Directions for Learning Support Diffuser Blend: DIffuser Blend is recommended for families with children under 12 years of age to promote a safe learning environment. Diffuse 20-30 minutes twice a day during study and reading time. This blend contains  pure essential oils and is to be used only in a diffuser. Available in a  1/3 oz./10 ml. Euro dropper bottle. Avoid contact of diffuser blend with your skin. If contact occurs apply vegetable oil to dilute and avoid sunlight or tanning bed exposure or for 24 hours.  DO NOT USE AROUND CATS!!

Spray Blend: 2 oz.60 ml. Blend 

Directions for Learning Support Blend Spray: The spray version of this blend is best for ages 12 through adult. Twirl or gently shake the blend to mix the ingredients. Spray it in front of your face (DO NOT SPRAY IT ONTO YOUR SKIN) avoiding  eyes and mouth. Inhale deeply. Use twice a day, focusing on the times when studying occurs. DO NOT USE AROUND CATS!!

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