At Well Scents, our mission is to offer safe and effective custom and specialty aromatherapy blends for your pets and for you, expert advice, and personalized service. We welcome your questions, and appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Well Scents products are made from the highest quality available natural aromatherapy ingredients. They are specifically formulated for safe daily use on horses, dogs, cats, and people. The ingredients in the blends have been proven safe over the long time for each species, and are correctly diluted to avoid toxicity. They are mixed to access the synergy that is possible only when several essential oils or hydrosols are combined – thus making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. There is no need for guesswork or expensive experimentation on your part – Well Scents has already created the safe and proven blends that you want and need! 

You may also request a custom blend. This process entails a short assessment, and will result in the most targeted possible product for your specific needs. 

 All Well Scents products are delivered ready for gift-giving in a color coordinated organza bag.