Cheryl with Henry & Mikki

Well Scents, Aromatherapy for Pets and Their People, was founded by Cheryl Beller in 2010. Cheryl has a lifelong interest in wellness and a lifelong love of animals, particularly dogs, horses and cats. After spending most of her professional career in the medical field, she began to explore alternative healing modalities in the 1990's. She was most impressed with the many levels of positive effects that people and their pets experience when exposed to essential oils and hydrosols in various delivery systems. Her interest developed into a passion to share this information so that others might benefit from this enjoyable, effective wellness option. 

Cheryl enlisted the expertise and insights of various animal practitioners, eventually developing properly diluted, targeted essential oil or hydrosol based products which address most of the emotional, psychological, and behavioral needs of dogs, horses, and cats specifically. Additional issues can be addressed with custom blends. These blends are specifically formulated so that they can safely be used on a daily basis. They offer natural solutions to everyday concerns and challenges. 

All people, including pet owners and guardians, can benefit from aromatherapy blends. Well Scents offers “people” blends which provide stress relief, anxiety reduction, energy support, and sleep assistance. Well Scents also provides all natural, toxin-free products for Body and Home Care. Everything that we can do to decrease our “toxic load” each day helps us to maintain and create wellness.

At Well Scents, our mission is to offer safe and effective custom and specialty aromatherapy blends for your pets and for you, expert advice, and personalized service. We welcome your questions, and appreciate the opportunity to assist you. 

Cheryl and her husband Craig live on the Monterey Peninsula of California with their horse, General, and their dogs, Henry and Mikki.